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Euro 2016 Goals Galore (Both Teams to Score) Betting Tips

Euro 2016 Goals Galore Tips
Euro 2016 Goals Galore Tips : Wales v Slovakia, Both Teams to Score

Goals Galore has become a very popular bet since the emergence of online betting and it is really simple to understand. The basic concept is that you pick a fixture and if both teams score at least once in that game, you're bet wins! You can win a lot of money on Goals Galore betting if you're shrewd enough and the great thing about it is that you don't have to actually pick a winner of the game, once both teams have scored a goal it's over and you can sit back, relax and enjoy what is probably a very entertaining game.

Here at Euro 2016 Free Bets we thought we could give you a few tips on which games in the Group Stages of the European Championships we think will see goals from both sides, this is based on qualifying stats, quality of players and goal scorers and quality or lack of, in defence.

Wales v Slovakia

First up we have Wales v Slovakia in Group B. Both of these teams play in an attacking style with one main man at the focal point scoring goals, Bale for the Welsh and Hamsik for the Slovakians. There will be shots flying from all angles with these two and they are also set piece specialists. Wales have a slightly better defensive record than Slovakia in the qualifiers but as this is their first game of the tournament, and also the game that both teams will consider the 'easiest', expect goals from both sides.

Czech Republic v Turkey

Oh Czech Republic, how brilliant you are for a Goals Galore bettor. The Czechs finished Group A having conceded 14 goals (the most of all the qualified teams in the tournament) but also having scored 19 (the most goals in Group A), so they love seeing the ball in the back of the net, whether it be their own or the oppositions.

Turkey on the other hand also finished with a goal difference of 5, also in Group A after conceding 9 goals and scoring 14. These 2 also played each other in Group A twice and there were 5 goals scored between them in 2 matches. Has to be nailed on right?

Republic of Ireland v Sweden

Another match week 1 game here with Martin O'Neills Republic of Ireland taking on Sweden. Now both of these teams will be fielding their all-time top goal scorers in Robbie Keane (67 in 143) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (62 in 112) so both of these guys know where the net is and won't have much trouble finding it if given an opportunity.

Sweden had the slightly shakier defence in qualifying conceding 9 and the Republic conceded 7 however, not many people keep Zlatan out so we can see both defences (which aren't of the best quality individually) shipping at least 1 goal each.

Germany v Poland

Now, Germany are a world class outfit, this is backed up by the fact that they are the current world champions and they do score lots of goals (especially Thomas Muller in tournament football). On the flip side you have Poland with arguably one of the best strikers inhaling air at the moment in Robert Lewandowski who scored 13 goals in qualifying.

These 2 met twice in the Group Stage and 6 goals were scored (each scoring 3) so there's definitely goals in both of them and to add weight to the idea that both teams will score, they both managed to score a shed load of foals in Group D (Germany 24 and Poland 33) but they also conceded a lot compared to the other teams that have qualified for the tournament (Germany 9 and Poland 10). There has to be lots of goals here.

Iceland v Hungary

This particular fixture comes in the second round of games in Group E. Both teams will feel that they need to win this game if they're going to have aspirations of qualifying and that is usually when goals and mistakes happen - hurray!

Let's start with Hungary, they finished Group F behind Northern Ireland and Romania with a glorious goal difference of +2 (conceding 9 and scoring 11), they're also playing against an Iceland side that scored 17 in qualifying and have Gylfi Sigurdsson who is also a brilliant set piece specialist.

We can see goals here and we hope that you will be the beneficiary of these goals. Iceland will definitely score, Hungary do possess the ability to penetrate Iceland's questionable defence and if Hungary lose their first group game, they're going to burst out of the blocks here to try and salvage the group. It would be even better if Iceland lose their first game against Portugal too, as then it is all to play for.